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Top 8 Unique Wonders in Greece

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Eli Espinas

Nestled by the southern bank of the Balkans, and surrounded by the stunning waterways on all its borders; Greece offers an excellent gateway to the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. With the 11th longest coastline in the world, Greece perfectly cherishes the coastal beauty of the Mediterranean basin.

Whether signing up for the US to EU travel or crossing the Asian boundaries to hit upon this bewildering setting, you will not be disappointed by the rich history, massive landscape and glittering surroundings. Greece is regarded as the cradle of Western civilization as it is the birthplace of science, mathematics, philosophy, literature, and performing arts.

Greece is one of the most adored gems of Europe as it is loaded with the most exciting reasons to plan an Europe trip. An authentic history stamp on its lands, enchanting Islands, mesmerizing landscape with pristine beaches and thick woods, mouth-watering cuisine, and heartwarmingly welcoming people; Greece is all set to beguile and amaze you.

Are you ready to explore Greece on your toes? We have gathered here the most bewitching hotshots of Greece. Roll up your sleeves, tie up your boots, and let’s roll into the lands of Greece.

Panathinaiko Stadium, Athens

The history of multipurpose Panathinaiko stadium is dated back to 144 A.D when Herodes Atticus laid its founding stone and got it carved entirely out of marbles. The stadium with a seating capacity of 50,000 people was originally built to host Panathenaic Games which included activities like athletics, religious festivals and ceremonies, and cultural exhibits. It holds the honour of hosting the first Modern Olympics back in 1896. Do not miss out on visiting Zappeoin Exhibition Hall, National Gardens, and Ilissos River as the stadium is central to these hotshots.

Mt. Parnitha, Athens

Head towards Mt. Parnitha to relish this mountain range covered by thick forest. Mt. Parnitha is the part of National Garden so get ready to be amazed by the conserved species of wildfowl, and red deer in this Europe travel hitlist. Take your hiking gear with you to summit 1413 meters high Karavola peak which is the highest summit in this mountain range. Many historical monuments such as the Monastery of Kleiston, Tatoi Palace and Cave of Panas are sprinkled in this picturesque landscape. Beletsi Lake by the Southern ridge of the mountain offers the mesmerizing display of migratory birds.

Sample of Mt. Parnitha, Athens

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, Athens

Hold your excitement while stepping towards the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology as you will get to experience the most surprising sneak-peek into Greek history, and the Greek contribution towards fields of science, literature, and arts. 300 replica working models of Greek inventions such as the first analogue computer and Plato’s hydraulic arm clock are showcased with intricate details. The handmade models of clock notebook of Parmenion, Greek ships, toys, and musical instruments are available to be purchased as a memorable Greek souvenir.

Sample of Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, Athens

Museum of Illusions, Athens

Illusions never fail to trick us and what can be more electrifying than visiting the Museum of Illusion in the city of Athens. On this Europe travel hotshot, be ready to get submerged in the world of illusion. Forget the rules of gravity when stepping into the Reverse room where you will be left in awe and surprise with everything in an upside-down position. Want to see a miniaturized version of yourself? Head towards Ames Room to get an instant polaroid of mini YOU. The fascinating illusions created by holograms will definitely trick your mind. Get lost in the riddles, puzzles, and false perceptions to enjoy a day outside the rules of this world.

Sample of Museum of Illusions

Red Beach, Santorini

You must have listened about red rocks, red sky, red sea, but have you ever come across the Red Beach? US to EU travel is worth it when Red Beach located by the southernmost bank of Santorini is all set to offer you bewildering views. The backdrop of hills dipped in hues of red beautifully uplift the scenic and mesmerizing laidback vibe of the beach. Snorkelling is available there to raise the excitement bar while offering a close interaction with marine life.

Sample of Red beach in Greece

Waterfront, Thessaloniki

Saloniki or otherwise known as Thessaloniki is located in the foothills of Mount Olympus where the glittering harbours and vibrant street life call for a perfect vacation. The expansive stretch of coast by the waterfronts is dotted with cafes and wine bars. 

Stop by Contemporary Art Center located by the port showcases the art pieces from ancient Greek history. A stroll across the waterfront takes you to the Down Town where the White tower is situated that dates back to the days of the Ottoman Empire. The tower speaks graciously of the golden days of the Ottoman when the tower was built to fortify the city’s harbour. 

Sample of waterfront in Greece

Diktaion Andron, Crete

Last but not least is the Diktaoin Cave in Greece that is believed to be the birthplace of Zeus-the Greek God. Cave Diktaoin is 1020 meters high where wild pigeons, arthropod species, and Mediterranean Eared Bat reside to welcome you into the cave packed with an air of mystery and excitement. US to EU travel cannot be completed without visiting the nearby lake with massive stalactites and stalagmites protruding all around it.

Diktaion Andron Cave photo

Yacht Week, Athens Route

Greece is packed with an endless series of glittering beaches so it is often hard to pick one. So, why not take a Yacht trip? Greece, Athens route is one of the most popular and sought-after routes of Yacht week. Signing up for Yacht Week on Economy, Standard, Premium, or Premium Plus plan, unleash the stunning views of the water route.

Level up your fun bar by partying at the circle raft, beach party on Love Bay, or Riveria Day chic party. Some wellness programs such as sunrise yoga, water volleyball, and a hike at Dokos are included to let you entirely submerged into nature. Dolphin Spotting is the most tingling and exciting part of the Yacht week.

Yacht Week Athens sample photo
Eli Espinas

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