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What To Do On A Road Trip

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Natasha Weiss

For the perfect vacation, nothing beats the idea of getting in the car and driving out into the horizon on a road trip adventure with family and friends. Each day, you’ll be able to sleep in a different location, exploring the rough terrain and stunning surroundings by planning the perfect road trip. 

But what makes the road trip even more memorable is how you spend your time together with your loved ones or by yourself along the way. You can get the most out of it if you know what to do on a road trip. For anyone planning their next road trip with their friends, or those currently on the road who want to spice things up, the ideas below will help you have a more enjoyable experience with your friends, family, or on your own.

Scroll down to find out the best things to do on a road trip.

The Top Things To Do On A Road Trip

1. Get to know each other

This is a great chance for families traveling together to spend quality time together on their road trip and strengthen family ties. Even if you see one another on a daily basis, how often do you sit down and talk or share your feelings with each other?

Ask each other questions that can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” Ask them if there is anything in their life that they are grateful for. Or you can ask, “What’s the worst thing that has happened to you in your life so far?” Such questions will open them up, and not only will you be able to enjoy your road trip, but you will also be able to get more intimate with them.

2. Sing along to your favorite songs while you're driving

A road trip is nothing without your favorite songs blasting in the background as you go down the open road. You may create a playlist for the whole vehicle based on the music that everyone enjoys listening to. This will really set the vibe and lift the mood.

Good music plays an essential part in long car rides. Driving while listening to upbeat music is typically more pleasant than driving while listening to the radio, watching the news, or driving in silence. You will feel more energized if you listen to upbeat music, which helps to adjust the general vibe of your road trip into a more joyful one.

3. Have a picnic on the road

Of course, you’ll come across many restaurants and eateries along the way. But nothing beats the pleasure of enjoying a picnic with your family, which is definitely worth mentioning in this what to do on a road trip list.

When a simple road trip is coupled with a great picnic, you’ll have an unforgettable experience to cherish for a lifetime. And you can’t drive a long car ride on an empty stomach. There’s nothing worse than driving a long car ride on an empty stomach.

4. Learn a new language

What better way to kill time on a long car ride than by learning a second language? It will be more amusing when you do learn with everybody else. Since everyone has a mobile phone, you can easily download a language app and start practicing with everybody.

You don’t really have to use an app to pick up a new language while you’re on the road. A language learning podcast, a word game, or simply listening to music in another language can all help you learn a new language.

5.Listen to an audiobook

Many people who have been on road trips say that when it comes to making the time pass quickly, an audiobook is one of the best options. Whether you’re piling the whole family into the car for a long summer road trip or going out alone on a shorter adventure, audiobooks can keep you entertained mile after mile.

There are audiobooks ranging from hilarious autobiographies to spine-tingling thrillers to exciting science fiction and fantasy stories, all of which are packed with enough enjoyment to keep you occupied while you go down the highway in your car.

6. Play road trip games

While driving, you and your loved ones can play a variety of games. Road trip games can transform a dull journey into a memorable experience that will make you laugh so hard and bring you closer together as a group. Playing road trip games is the best way to ensure that your road trip will be filled with good memories.

There are many road trip games, from road trip bingo to guess the song, truth or dare, scavenger hunt, spelling bee, and many others. Being busy playing these games will prevent others from asking, “Are we there yet?”

7. Make a family road trip movie

As for the final thing to do on a road trip, we suggest documenting your journey and making a memorable video clip. Consider making a family video of your road trip adventures if you have already had or plan to take more road trips in the future. Keep track of the places you visit, the games you play with your friends, the tales you tell, and, yes, even the foolish disagreements that we all know are certain to happen.

All you need is a tab or a smartphone, as well as a video editing application. The majority of video editing applications are either free or offer free versions. Always remember that the most important thing about everything is to have fun with it, no matter how imperfect it is. This will be something to recall after your children have grown up, and you will be grateful that you captured this moment.


With this list of what to do on a road trip, you’ll never get bored again on your road trip. For those who are having trouble picking a route for their next adventure, do check out the following guides to plan your cross-country road trip in the USA.

Natasha Weiss

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