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Thailand Itinerary

Thailand Itinerary

Thailand’s alluring mix of paradise beaches, delectable cuisine, and laid-back culture has charmed visitors for decades. It offers unique experiences from stunning islands to floating markets! Not to mention the locals smiling from ear-to-ear while selling goods, no wonder it is known as “The Land of Smiles”.

USA Road Trip: Pacific Coast Road

USA Road Trip: Pacific Coast Road

Discover the best places to visit on America’s West Coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Find out what makes each city so special with this road trip itinerary!

Kenya Safari Itinerary

The source of inspirations for many scenes in The Lion King. Visit multiple safari camps as each one offers unique experiences and scenes. Make sure you get your shots before you go!

Jamaica Itinerary

Jamaica Itinerary

Jamaica is known to be the birthplace of reggae, Bob Marley, world’s fastest sprinters, Blue Mountain coffee, Red Stripe beer, Jamaican rum, beautiful beaches, jerk dishes, luxurious all-inclusive resorts and majestic waterfalls.

USA Road Trip- The Great River Road

USA Road Trip: Great River Road

Whether you’re looking for a weekend or an extended vacation, we have the perfect road trip itinerary for you. Get ready to explore the Midwest!

Sweden Itinerary: 9 Days

Itineraries New Zealand Sweden Itinerary With its rich history and varied landscapes, Sweden is a traveler’s paradise. If you love the outdoors, it’s certainly hard to beat. The air and water are crystal clean, and there are thousands of acres of unspoiled forests and majestic lakes to explore, not to

Blue Lagoon Bar_

Maldives Itinerary

The Maldives is a tropical holiday destination in the Indian Ocean. The stunning islands are very relaxed and offer an experience which can best be described as a getaway on a desert island but with high quality accommodation, spectacular food, excellent service and an extensive range of activities.

Portugal Itinerary

With rich and varied land of vibrant cities and traditional villages, you will be astounded by the country’s spectacular beaches, world-renowned cuisine, and natural landscapes.

Peru Itinerary

Peru Itinerary

A unique, multicultural and colourful destination, a country full of contrasts that come to light after discovering its diverse culture, history, geography, biodiversity and gastronomy; from the coastal lands of the capital and the dunes of Ica, crossing the Andes Mountain Range up to the Peruvian Amazon.

Levantr New Zealand Itinerary

New Zealand Itinerary

New Zealand offers unparalleled natural wonders and exquisite experiences that make it not only a popular tourist destination but also a coveted film set. 🇳🇿

Alberta, Canada

Alberta Itinerary

Alberta is home to some of Canada’s most impressive scenery and five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where the prairies meet the mountains, and spectacular snowcapped peaks dominate the skyline.

Vietnam Itinerary

Vietnam Itinerary

From foodies (pho is a must-try) and beach hoppers to art and culture buffs and adventure seekers, Vietnam has something to offer everyone. You can stick your toes in the sand at one of its beaches in the morning and visit a UNESCO heritage site a little later in the

Victoria Itinerary

Victoria, Australia Itinerary

Itineraries Victoria, Australia Victoria, Australia Itinerary Tagged as Australia’s capital of art and culture, Victoria is a place to be for beautiful landscapes, interesting history, and abundant wildlife.  Download itinerary 6 6 Days Nature Relaxing Day 0 23:30 pm Arrive Flight Arrives in Melbourne 23:55 pm Check-in Airbnb: La Trobe Tower 00:15

Bali Itinerary

Taiwan Itinerary

Don’t be fooled by Taiwan’s small stature: it’s a powerhouse. It’s everything you’d expect from an enormous East Asian adventure.

Bahamas Itinerary

Bahamas Itinerary

For many people, the Tiffany-blue waters and the golden beaches are reason enough to visit the Bahamas. However, there’s even more to this place than photogenic sands and sea: the country’s 700 islands and cays are home to national parks, walking trails and some of the best diving spots in

Hawaii Itinerary

Hawaii Itinerary

World-class beaches, pristine rainforests, and sizzling volcanoes are just a few of the things that’d make you want to visit. Every Hawaiian Island has its own draw, making it filled with adventure and luxury no matter which way you turn.

Bali Itinerary

Bali Itinerary

Bali, a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia, is known for its breathtaking turquoise water, dreamy white sand beaches, incredible Balinese culture, and electrifying beach clubs. 

Norway Itinerary

Our 11-day itinerary for Norway includes everything from fabled fjords, gorgeous mountains, stunning waterfalls, quaint towns, and a bustling capital city to breathtaking panoramas.

Utah Itinerary

Utah Itinerary

A state with five national parks, 44 state parks and public lands covering almost half the state should be on every outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list. Utah fits that description, delivering some of the most spectacular hiking, camping, skiing and paddling in America.

Switzerland Itinerary

Switzerland Itinerary

We’ve put together an amazing itinerary for you to explore the country like a local. Discover the best places to visit and start planning your trip.


Cairns Itinerary

Cairns offers tons of activities for tourists and has everything from beautiful beaches to rainforest adventures. Discover what makes this place so special!

Costa Rica Itinerary

Filled with rainforests, beaches, river valleys, and biodiverse wildlife as well as restaurants, bars, and luxe hotels, this beautiful country has always been a great place to take a vacation, but it has gained popularity as an amazing destination in the last few years.

3-Day New Zealand Itinerary

Weekend New Zealand Itinerary

Filled with geothermal attractions, jet rides through thundering waterfalls, emerald vineyards, and aerial rides. In New Zealand, you can do more than you can imagine in just 3 days. 🇳🇿🌋

Tanzania Itinerary

A country of natural splendour, astounding wildlife, seductive beaches, charming ancient towns, archaeological sites and geological wonders. A visit to Tanzania can mean one of these many things!

USA Road Trip - The Great Northern Island

USA Road Trip: Great Northern

This road trip itinerary includes the best views in Seattle, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Levantr Cape Town Itinerary

Cape Town Itinerary

Some countries are known for a mountainous topography. Some are known for beaches and deserts. South Africa has it all: deserts, wetlands, grasslands, bush, subtropical forests, mountains and escarpments. It has 41% of all of the world’s gold too! ⚜️⚜️

Mauritius Itinerary

Has a marvellous blend of cultures, welcoming people, a varied cuisine and a huge mix of ethnic communities. There are activities for every kind of traveller in this natural paradise.

Philippines Itinerary

The Philippines Itinerary

There are about 7,641 islands in the Phillippines but just 26% of them are inhabited and the rest are unnamed. White-sand beaches, swimming with whale sharks, boiling yet rejuvenating baths in the mountains, mermaid swimming (yes, mermaid)!

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