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Jamaica Itinerary

Jamaica is known to be the birthplace of reggae, Bob Marley, world’s fastest sprinters, Blue Mountain coffee, Red Stripe beer, Jamaican rum, beautiful beaches, jerk dishes, luxurious all-inclusive resorts and majestic waterfalls. Passero’s 6-day Jamaica itinerary includes all the rich dimensions of what the island has to offer. 
The journey begins with a visit to the Rastafari Indigenous Village, where you’ll get a firsthand look at the fascinating religion and culture of the Rastafari people. You’ll learn about their beliefs, customs, and way of life, and how they have influenced Jamaica’s music and arts scene.
Seven Mile Beach and the Blue Hole Mineral Spring are must-see destinations on this itinerary.  You’ll experience the rejuvenating powers of the natural mineral-rich water, and enjoy a dip in the warm and soothing pools. But no visit to Jamaica would be complete without a visit to Dunn’s River Falls and Park. You’ll climb up the terraced rocks of the waterfall, taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle. Bamboo rafting on the Martha Brae River is another highlight of this itinerary.
You’ll also get to explore the life and legacy of Bob Marley – whose influence reached way beyond his reggae beats and lyrics.Download Passero’s 6-day Jamaica itinerary today. Happy planning! 🇯🇲

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