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Must-Have Gadgets for Minimalist Travelers

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Jen Hong

Global pandemic and recurrent waves of COVID-19 have put a halt to international travel and tourism. However, many countries are gradually lifting the restrictions that are a sign of hope for travel enthusiasts.

Be it a backpacking trip across Europe, a safari vacation with family, or a long road trip with your friends, your travel experience depends on how well you pack. But long before the real fun begins, there is a daunting phase of packing travel bags. That becomes even more strenuous when you are an inexperienced traveller. Several gadgets to make travel easier are available online, so do not forget to add them to your packing list.

1. Universal Adaptor

Our lives are dependent on electricity, and it is enough to go us nuts when our plugs do not fit into the sockets or pose current problems. Earlier, people used to carry loads of different styles of adapters on their trips. But now, there is a universal adapter available to ease your worries. Be it 3-pin, 2-pin, or USB plugs, a universal adapter serves all. They are designed to meet global power supply standards to offer a 10-130W power range of direct current. 

2. Portable Charger

A portable charger is the best gadget to make travel comfortable, as it lets us connected to the outer world by keeping our phones charged. Take a note of the current supply, physical size, and weight of a portable charger before buying it. Power banks of 2000mAh to 20,000mAh are available in the market. For a rough approximation, an iPhone7 can be charged six times with a 20,000mAh power bank. So, choose one that suits your number of electronic gadgets and travel time the best. 

Sample of mini-iron

3. Travel Size Iron

A mini-iron is one of the essential gadgets for travelling when heading on a Safari trip in Tanzania. Safari trips offer you endless opportunities to spend time in the wild, camp, and have fun with wildlife. But at the same time, you are cut off from the amenities of a hotel. That is where a travel size iron makes life easier, as it is small, lightweight, portable, and offer higher power output. The features of steam ironing, auto-power cut off, and non-sticky surface uplift the user experience.

4. Tripod

A tripod never proves a useless investment when buying it for a fun-filled trip. It lets you catch memories behind the lens at a wider angle. Enjoy endless clicks with your friends & family and save the essence of every moment in high-quality images. With long shutter speed, night shots, widescreen landscape, and stable camera angle, a tripod makes the photography looks more fun, professional, and adventurous. 

5. Multiple Pocket Travel Backpack

Travel backpacks come in handy when hopping on different stations along the trip. The multiple pocket feature facilitates the assortment of documents and other electronic gadgets in a confined space. So, if you are heading on a trip to Italy, then it is one of the must-have gadgets to make travel easier, as you will be catching subways and trains to move from one town to the other.

6. Digital Luggage Scale

Airlines have pretty strict rulings regarding the allowed weight of luggage. By accompanying a digital luggage scale on your trip, you can avoid inconvenience and embarrassment at the airport by checking the weight of luggage in advance. Digital scales are easy on your bags as they are much lightweight and small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. They support up to 40-50 kg of weight. 

7. e-SIM

e-SIM cards make your life easier by offering you unlimited data bundles with zero hassle. Out of all the gadgets for traveling, e-SIM is the most useful because it provides you coverage globally even when you are on your itinerary to Thailand. With an e-SIM, everything is operated via software by connecting with a local e-SIM card service provider. You can buy a SIM as well as an internet plan through an app that gets activated on the phone via a QR code. 

8. Tri-screen monitor

With a tri-screen monitor, you can increase your productivity on a business trip even when working away from the comfort of your couch. By installing two additional screens, one can get a hold of emails, slack notifications, calls, and other official chores on different screens altogether. The screens can be easily installed and connected with the main screen using USB cables. One of the plus points is the temporary installment of screens that’s why they are recommended for trips. 

Sample of tri-screen monitor

9. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker is one of the exciting gadgets for traveling as it uplifts the vibe and energy of an outdoor trip. Whether going for a road trip or an international trip, your playlist remains on the spot and vibrant with travel-friendly portable speakers. Some latest editions of smart speakers get connected with Google Assistant or Siri to elevate user experience. Choose a waterproof speaker to keep the party going even in the rain.  

10. Automated Travel Vacuum

Last but not least, travel vacuums are the gadgets to make travel easier by offering plenty of packing space. With an automatic pressure sensor, they are efficient to remove the air inside of a suitcase and shrink the clothes in half.  Some travel vacuums claim to reduce the volume by 50%   thus, creating more space for the never-ending packing list. It is also quite handy for an international trip where you cannot help buy souvenirs for your loved ones but do not find a place to sort them. 

Jen Hong

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