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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Use Passero

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Kyle Cannon
Nothing gets us more excited than our vacation. Fantasizing about traveling is a great stress reliever. A well-planned holiday gives you something to look forward to. But actually planning for one can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re traveling with other people.

If you’re an avid traveler, you are filled with FOMO and want to make sure you will have no regrets. You want to know every hidden gem and see all the iconic places. You spend hours researching, saving the links from different places, and sharing them with your crew. Then you have to create a spreadsheet to share with the people you’re traveling with and we all know how annoying that can be.

Passero will cut your trip planning time by half and allow you to keep all your travel ideas neatly in one place.

How to use Passero to plan your trip

We all know that the Passero app is helpful for travelers, but many people ask how to use it? We broke down its use into four simple steps.

Let’s discuss these steps.

1. Create Journey

Once you log in, you start by creating a journey. Have fun with the journey name and indicate the purpose of the trip so when you invite your friends, they know what the trip is about.

Sample photo on how to create a journey using levantr

2. Add Ideas

Start adding ideas for the trip to the idea board. You can add duration, price, description, location, and a link so all your friends can check it out and not bother you with endless questions!

Create different folders to keep them organized: Stays, Experiences, Restaurants, Bars, and anything else you like!

Sample photo of how to add ideas to Levantr idea board

Based on your saved ideas, sometimes Passero will add recommendations that match your preferences to help you do less work.

3. Use Surveys to make decisions

If you’re traveling with your friends or family, you often have to discuss with them before booking anything. To make what could be an annoying process much simpler, Passero offers a survey feature custom-designed for making travel decisions.

Sample picture on creating a survey and picking type of question
  • Use the Date Range questions to get everyone’s availability.
  • Use Custom Tiles questions to share all the ideas from your idea board so the crew can take a vote. You can easily drag the ideas from the idea board into the survey!

4. Now build your itinerary

Once you have an idea of what your trip is going to include, you can start building your itinerary.

Use Quick Add to create custom events such as flight arrival, hotel check-in, etc. You can also click on “Bring in page” so you can open up the idea board on the left and start dragging saved ideas into the itinerary.

You can even download the itinerary in PDF form in case you don’t have internet access on your trip.

Sample photo on building an itinerary on Levantr using "Quick Add"
Sample photo on building Levantr itinerary using the split screen feature

5. Share with your crew

Make sure you invite your crew to the journey by clicking the add button on the idea board and itinerary so they can add their own ideas and see the itinerary for the trip.

Sample of Add crew members

Passero - The Best Travel App for Trip Planning and Travel Hacking

Here’s what Passero has recently kicked off to make trip planning even better.

Get trip recommendations from Passero

Passero will add recommendations to your idea board once you have a few saved. It helps the tool understand your preferences and give you curated recommendations that you will like.

These recommendations often come from the team’s or other travelers’ itineraries and include hidden gems that you might not find easily on the web.

Be rewarded with unique travel deals

Passero has started working with travel partners to offer tailored deals to its travelers. If your trip fits the criteria (destination, size of the group, # of days, etc.), Passero will send you deals from the partners that you could take advantage of.

Travel hacking doesn’t need to be so hard now. Passero is working towards a future where you are matched with travel deals without lifting a finger.

Use Passero’s sample itineraries

Passero has many itineraries that you can add directly to your journey board. Request to download and Passero team will add the itinerary to your journey board within 12 hours. You can customize it however you like. Passero’s travel itineraries will include ideas for where to stay, what to do, and what to eat.

Creating a travel itinerary is fun and engaging on Passero. Need more help? You can reach out directly to the team at team@travelpassero.com and ask!

Kyle Cannon

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