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Best Solo Travel Destinations in the World

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Sylvia Paige

Have you decided that your next trip will be a solo vacation somewhere in the world?  Are your friends busy, or you’ve just decided to travel on your own?  There’s no better way to travel than to some of the best solo travel destinations in the world, and Europe, Japan, and New Zealand are some of the best places to go! In these destinations, you can enjoy sipping beer and exploring history in Europe, trying new foods in Japan, or enjoying the sunshine and exotic animals and landscapes in New Zealand.  The opportunities are endless.  Whether you choose to create your own travel itinerary or join a curated trip, Europe, Japan, and New Zealand are safe places to travel for solo trips with an abundance of fun activities for every type of traveler.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is known for the rolling hills of England, the highlands of Scotland, the cliffs in Wales, and the unique landscapes in Northern Ireland.  There is so much to explore, from small, charming towns, to large, bustling cities. 

The Passero 7 Day UK Itinerary visits some of the best destinations in the United Kingdom for solo travelers, including London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. These three cities each offer a different glimpse of the culture, history, and activities throughout the United Kingdom. However, if you’re looking for more off-the-beaten-track travels, check out Glasgow in Scotland or smaller towns in England for your solo trip.

Glasgow is next on your itinerary! Known as the European Capital of Culture in 1990, this city is an exciting cultural city that is perfect for solo travelers looking to explore a medium-sized town on foot.  There is an abundance of landmarks to enjoy, from the Cathedral or one of the many famous museums. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the chance to walk around the University grounds. Glasgow is a great city for solo travelers that is often overshadowed by other more popular towns.

Other great cities in the United Kingdom for solo travelers include towns like Brighton, Bath, and Bristol, which each offer a unique small-town feel with different historical attractions. Brighton is a great seaside resort and is only 47 miles south of London.  This location is an excellent getaway for a solo traveler and offers a perfect addition to your trip. In addition, you’ll find a pebbled beach, the Brighton Pier, and the Royal Pavilion. 

If you choose to head to Bath, you can visit the ancient Roman Baths or Bath Abbey.  This adorable town is ideal for a solo traveler as it is totally walkable with friendly locals.  The town is also close to other great sites in England, including Stonehenge and Winsor Castle, where you can make a several-day trip out of the entire region. So whether you enjoy the local cuisine or shopping, this quaint, historic town will be enjoyable.

Bristol is a college town that many young solo travelers find to be a fun stop on their journey, as it features many great eateries, tons of green spaces, and fantastic sites. In addition, the city has a lot of street art, industrial walking tours, and a famous suspension bridge.  In general, England and The United Kingdom are accessible via train, so it is easy to get around while you plan your personal itinerary.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known for some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world.  You’ll find snow-covered mountains, dramatic hills, and gorgeous white-sand beaches here. So it’s no surprise that famous movies like Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia used New Zealand as a backdrop for filming. So whether you decide to plan your solo trip or join a Passero New Zealand tour, there are so many cities to visit in this fantastic country. 

If you want the focus of your trip to be the less traveled cities and gorgeous landscapes, start your journey in the town of Rotorua.  This city is part of the Volcanic Zone, which is a geothermal field extending from the White Island off the Bay of Plenty to the central North Island.  Here you can see landscapes ranging from bubbling mud pools to shooting geysers and natural hot springs. This town is also the best place to get in touch with the local Māori culture, so make sure to check out the New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute while you’re in the area.

As you continue your journey to Taupo, located on the north island, you’ll be welcomed by this weekend getaway town that is popular with tourists.  Here you’ll find activities ranging from enjoying the vast waters of Lake Taupo or the various hiking and biking trails to the city’s hot springs.  Whether you’re taking this trip solo or with a group, there is so much to explore and relax in Taupo.  While this town is all about outdoor activities, you can expect to find several hot springs that offer a more spa-like experience to relax the day away.

If you’re looking for more of a busy city experience, Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington are the most populated cities in New Zealand, and all offer different experiences for visitors to the islands.  Auckland is known for being a multi-cultural center of food, music, culture, and arts. Christchurch is known for being the perfect mix of heritage, culture, and outdoor activities. While Wellington is most known for craft beer, it is also known for being a great mix of art, culture, history, and nature.

When planning your solo trip, you’ll have to decide what type of adventure you’re looking for. Of course, you can always choose to start in one of the big cities in New Zealand and then head to Taupo or Rotorua to end the trip. However, you won’t be disappointed choosing a unique country like New Zealand for your next solo adventure.


Japan is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and is very welcoming to solo travelers. So while you might want to travel to experience a completely different way of life, you’ll stay for the beautiful, diverse scenery with fantastic mountains and breathtaking views. The Passero 11-day itinerary visits the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo to round out this excellent, organized tour.  While Tokyo and Osaka are some of the most popular cities in the country, you can also visit Sapporo, which is the capital of the island of Hokkaido, an island famous for beer, skiing, and more. 

Osaka is a great city to visit while in Japan, and it is known as “Japan’s Kitchen” by many.  The city has created many favorite dishes like kushikatsu, fried meats, cheese on a stick, rice flour balls filled with octopus, and more.  In Osaka, you can also find hip neighborhoods such as Dontonburi and Shinsekai to fill your days with exploration. The 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle is also a huge tourist attraction in Osaka, attracting thousands of visitors yearly.

While Sapporo is the fifth-largest city, it is also one of Japan’s youngest cities and a great place for solo travelers. Whether you’re looking to go for the Snow Festival with large snow sculptures or explore the Beer Museum or many public parks, this city has something to offer every visitor to the island.  Foodies will love the several fresh food markets throughout Sapporo and the many restaurants throughout the city.

Another great city to travel to on your solo trip to Japan is Kyoto, where you can visit temples and shrines. Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto is famous for its many Buddhist temples, beautiful gardens, and imperial palaces. Here you can experience many of the formal traditions such as kaiseki dining and geishas.  Beyond enjoying many of the historical practices and shrines, Kyoto also has many shops, restaurants, and festivals for tourists to enjoy.

Traveling solo throughout Japan is easy to do with a connected train network and tourism companies.  If you are looking for a company to pre-plan your trip, look no further than the itineraries set up by Passero. Don’t miss out on your chance to explore all of Japan’s great activities throughout large and small cities.


This article covered the best solo travel destinations in the world, including unique cities in the United Kingdom, Japan, and New Zealand. These destinations are fantastic for solo travelers for the sheer number of activities in each country and the number of great towns and cities to visit.  Whether you join a guided tour on your own or plan your itinerary for your solo trip, you will have a fantastic time in any of the cities we mentioned in this article.  There is an abundance of great foods to eat, historical activities, and incredible outdoor sights that you won’t be able to choose between all of them. Once you decide what country interests you most, you can determine what cities you want to visit.  From there, it will be pretty easy to plan your own trip!

Sylvia Paige

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