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Best Glamping Sites in Australia

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Natasha Weiss

They say that ‘motel’ is the most popular portmanteau when it comes to traveling, but we beg to differ, because ‘glamping’ is surely taking the world by storm. Officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016, the word is a portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. Although glamping seems relatively new, it is believed that the activity dated back to the 16th century when John Stewart, the Earl of Atholl, set up a luxurious tent for the visiting King James V and his mother. Never again will you have to frown at the traditional idea of camping which usually consists of beef jerky, insect repellents and the sound of crickets. Glamping lets you have your cake and eat it as you inhale the great outdoors without having to compromise comfort. Get a good night’s sleep on fresh white sheets in place of sleeping bags. If you happen to be traveling or backpacking in Australia and want to squeeze in adventure and relaxation at once, glamping combines the best of both worlds. After all, what better way to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life than to be one with nature?

Every state of Australia features their own topography and spectacular sceneries. If the Northern Territory is the perfect place to learn and experience Aboriginal culture and Victoria is renowned for the magnificent Great Ocean Road, New South Wales is also superior for their bountiful natural treasures. Glamping in Australia is more fun in New South Wales as this state blends vibrant urban life and the goodness of nature. The saying ‘different strokes for different folks’ best describes this state, because there is always a bit of something for everyone here.

Glamping locations NSW

Known as Australia’s most populous state with 8,172,500 residents as of the end of 2020, New South Wales is very much famous for their coastal cities and national parks. There can never be a shortage of breathtaking locations and entertainment once you step foot in New South Wales. From astounding beaches, wildlife, mountainous ranges to tranquil lagoons, here are some beautiful glamping places New South Wales offers:

1. Jervis Bay

A 3-hour drive from Sydney, Jervis Bay offers unmatched views of white sands and crystal clear water. If pristine sea water reminds you of Cairns’ Green Island, you will not be disappointed by the turquoise waters of Jervis Bay. Not only is this bay blessed with magnificent landscape, it is also full of history. Formed 15,000 years ago when the ice age was coming to a close, Jervis Bay is home to dolphins, seals, sea birds and sandstone formations. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the sands that fill Jervis Bay are the whitest in the world. This place is especially popular for whale-watching and water sports such as snorkelling and scuba diving.

2. Cockatoo Island

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island boasts panoramic views and notable buildings and can be reached by ferry or bus from Sydney’s CBD. This destination formerly served as a convict penal establishment and a place where naval ships were built and repaired. Today, the island is managed by Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and has become a famous location for campers and glampers ever since the Harbour Trust established a camp and glampsite in 2008. The island is especially favoured for its history, campground accommodation, waterfront cafés, and picnic spots for witnessing the best of New Year’s Eve fireworks.

3. Blue Mountains

Legend has it that three Aboriginal sisters were turned into rocks because they fell in love with three brothers from a neighbouring tribe, and that was how the Three Sisters, one of the most outstanding landmarks of the Blue Mountains, was formed. If you want to take the phrase ‘the great outdoors’ to the next level, then glamping in the Blue Mountains is the most fitting decision. Known for its exceptional scenery comprising sandstones, steep cliffs, waterfalls and canyons, a night of glamping in Capertee ensures an adventure of a lifetime. Savour the unobstructed views of the night sky with your favourite bottle of vino or bubbly and wake up to the sight of Australia’s most breathtaking canyons.

4. Lithgow

If you take your adventure west of the Blue Mountains, you will find a charming town called Lithgow. This town has a rich industrial past but is wild at heart. Rife with stupendous landscapes consisting of valleys, rolling hills, and canyons, getaways can never be boring in Lithgow. Once the sun rises and you are full of energy after a good night’s sleep, venturing to Wollemi National Park and Wolgan Valley will be your gateway to a day full of wonders and adventures.

5. Mosman

Finding yourself having limited time in the land of kangaroos but still wanting to have a fun time glamping? Worry not, because Mosman would be the perfect choice. A 20-minute car ride from Sydney, this glamping location is a paradise for efficient people who want hassle-free but amusing entertainment. In Mosman, glamping heaven takes the form of the Taronga Zoo, where glampers can spend the night with animals, greet the day accompanied by the sound of elephants and admire the stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

6. Tanja

A quiet blue lagoon seems to be the perfect scenery for those looking for tranquility and peace of mind. If you have a hard time deciding between mountains or beaches or want the best of both worlds, lagoons will satisfy your wanderlust. 328kms from Sydney, you will find a rural location called Tanja, which is home to only 157 residents and part of the Bega Valley Shire. Aquamarine waters and sea breeze of the Sapphire Coast will welcome you as you set foot in the wild coastal lagoon.

7. Avoca Beach

If you are in the mood for a change but do not want too much trouble planning, Avoca Beach might be the right option. This paradise is only a 90-minute drive north from Sydney. Avoca Beach is especially popular for divers and surfers. Seasoned divers take pleasure in a diving tour to an artificial reef while aspiring surfers can take lessons from a surfing academy there. Obviously, you leave water adventures while the sea breeze is caressing your cheeks, so bring that kayak and paddle closer to the sun.

Glamping sites NSW

Glamping brings people together and strengthens their bond. If in the past camping was always associated with eating smores and sharing ghost stories, nowadays glamping sites really redefine ‘fun’ and ‘camaraderie’ by inserting groundbreaking activities and innovative concepts to run the campgrounds. When in Australia, settling on the best glamping site is made easy with platforms such as Glamping Hub Australia that specialises in providing outdoor accommodations. We compile the best glamping sites in New South Wales that cover every outdoor preference and price range:

1. The Cove, Jervis Bay

A more budget-friendly alternative to the famous Paperbark Camp in Jervis Bay, The Cove is nothing short of a spectacular accommodation. This hidden gem is quite a secluded accommodation situated in the Booderee National Park. The private beach is within walking distance and do not be surprised to find a group of kangaroos hopping around the campground as it is part of the place’s charms! Starting at $220 AUD, enjoy a mesmerising tent filled with a king-size bed, sofa bed, and fresh linens. Other intriguing facilities include a communal barbecue and an outdoor bath.

Sample photo of The Cove in Jervis Bay

The Cove, Jervis Bay

2. Cockatoo Island, Sydney

A more budget-friendly alternative to the famous Paperbark Camp in Jervis Bay, The Cove is nothing short of a spectacular accommodation. This hidden gem is quite a secluded accommodation situated in the Booderee National Park. The private beach is within walking distance and do not be surprised to find a group of kangaroos hopping around the campground as it is part of the place’s charms! Starting at $220 AUD, enjoy a mesmerising tent filled with a king-size bed, sofa bed, and fresh linens. Other intriguing facilities include a communal barbecue and an outdoor bath.

Sample photo of Cockatoo Island in Sydney

Cockatoo Island Beachfront Glamping

3. Roar and Snore, Taronga Zoo

If enjoying an African safari is on top of your bucket list but you have not gotten the chance to jet off to Kenya and observe lions from a safe distance, Taronga Zoo is where you should head for as this place provides the best safari experience. As with other safaris, bear in mind that this form of entertainment is not exactly the cheapest, so be prepared to fork out extra dollars. This overnight experience lets you get up close and personal with the zoo’s most cordial residents and sleep in cozy safari-style tents. In the evening, you are in for delectable treats and drinks while admiring Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the tents.

Sample photo of Roar and Snore in Toronga Zoo

Roar and Snore

4. BubbleTent Australia, Capertee

If you are feeling fancy, romantic and want to invite a special someone on a two-night getaway to take in unhampered views of the stars and night sky, all you have to do is take an easy 3-hour drive west of Sydney. The concept of this campground is to say the least, unique. Guests will be sleeping in inflatable bubble tents providing unparalleled scenery of the world’s second biggest canyon, the Capertee Valley. This area is also a superior spot for those who are into bird-watching. Highlights of the bubble tent include a wood-fired heated tub, telescope, electric blanket and cheese board.

Sample photo of bubble tent Australia in Carpetee

BubbleTent Australia, Capertee

5. Turon Gates, Capertee

The Blue Mountains are so vast and have so much to offer. If you find yourself in a decision fatigue because you want to absorb every bit of Katoomba, Mudgee and Lithgow, we suggest you head straight to Turon Gates Country Resort since it is nestled in the middle of those three towns. Turon Gates is relatively more affordable compared to other accommodations in the area (prices start from $177 AUD), but does not compromise on luxury. Make the most of a wide range of facilities from private outdoor BBQ, comfortable fireplace to coffee machine for that much-needed dose of caffeine to kickstart the day.

Sample photo of Turon Gates in Capertee

Turon Gates, Capertee

6. Tanja Lagoon Camp, Tanja

Find solace and escape the urban life by enjoying a 5-hour calm drive to Tanja, a locality in the Bega Valley Shire. Tanja Lagoon Camp is perched atop the edge of a wild coastal lagoon, bordered and surrounded by Mimosa National Park. The inviting and bewitching views of the Sapphire Coast further complete the already beautiful landscape. Prices for self-contained safari tents are pretty reasonable. Starting from $275 AUD a night, share a luxurious king bed with a beloved friend, cook scrumptious meals in the private kitchen and take the most amazing showers in the ensuite bathroom.

Sample photo of Tanja Lagoon Camp in Tanja, Australia

Tanja Lagoon Camp

7. Elebanah Luxury Camping, Avoca Beach

The aesthetics are full on with Elebanah Luxury Camping. Lovers of green paradise and forests who are into rustic and Bohemian styles will find themselves in heaven. The tents feature king-size beds, eco toilets, a shower, BBQ facilities and a bush kitchen. Not in the mood for cooking? The restaurants in Avoca Beach are calling and are within a short walk. Some healing activities that are good for your soul include coastal walks and massages. With this abundance of facilities, we can agree that $179 AUD is not that bad of a starting price.

Sample photo of Elebanah Luxury Camping in Avoca Beach, Australia

Elebanah Luxury Camping, Avoca Beach

Treehouse Glamping NSW

As kids, we might not be able to realise our dreams of living in a tree house even just for a day, but adulthood does come with its perks and now we are free to do what we could not back in the days. Tree houses connect us with nature and as a wise man once said, the view from above is always better. Similar to camps and teepees, tree houses make for great safe places and are usually where inspiration greets you. New South Wales is rife with cosy treehouse accommodations, particularly in areas full of rainforests, waterfalls and private conservation parks such as Byron Bay Hinterland. Below are some treehouse accommodations that will ensure days of jolly, serenity and contemplations:

1. River Room, Bellingen Treehouse, Glennifer

If your perfect kind of getaway is to be awakened by the sound of water flowing the river and rustling tree leaves blown by the wind, the Bellingen Treehouse definitely fits the bill. Bellingen is a tiny town located in the Mid North Coast of Australia. As of the 2016 census, this town only hosts 3,074 residents, making it an impeccable safe place for serenity and self-discovery. This idyllic lodging is situated right on the bank of Never Never Creek, surrounded by rainforests and guests are in for a refreshing dip or swim on the property’s freshwater front yard. Normally, this accommodation sleeps three people, but the owner may provide onsite beds if you are vacationing with family. However, do contact them beforehand to make sure of it. At $207 AUD per night, indelible memories are yours to make at the Bellingen Treehouse.

2. Kyoto Mountain Lodge, Byron Bay

Ever the evergreen and most wanted location for escape, the charms of Byron Bay as a coastal town are indisputable. Visiting the Byron Bay Hinterland for holiday will be more fun if you stay at the Kyoto Mountain Lodge, a rustic treehouse adorned with Scandinavian and Australian bush decor. As the sun peeks through and wakes you up, soak up exceptional views from above as this abode is perched on top of a mountain. Heaven is indeed a place on earth. Overlooking a valley all the way to the Pacific Ocean, this accommodation can house up to 5 persons. For $225 AUD a night, help yourself with various amenities such as a hammock, a yoga deck, extensive cooking facilities and ADSL internet.

3. The Den of the Treehouse, Byron Bay

The Den is surrounded by a Rainforest Sanctuary and Nature Reserve. Located in Byron Bay Hinterland, this accommodation sits on top of a private conservation park. For lovers of jungle, forests and earthy thrills, this one will make you happy through and through. The 1-bedroom lodging is equipped with BBQ facilities, outdoor fireplace, Wi-Fi, and accommodates 3 people. We are pretty certain that $195 AUD a night is a great deal and whoever said ‘three is a crowd’ definitely has to revise it.

Natasha Weiss

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