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2 Weeks in Thailand – Travel Itinerary

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Sylvia Paige

My Travels To Thailand

Thailand is one of the captivating places I have ever visited. Over the years, I have been drawn to the country due to its breathtaking beauty and endearing local culture. My travels have taken me to so many wonderful places and I have never grown tired of visiting this splendid Asian peninsular. 

My visit to Wat Mahathat was not only enlightening about Buddhism but has a mystical feeling surrounding it. The temple dates back to the 18th century before what is now known as Bangkok. Located in Ayutthaya, its name means “Monastery of the Great Relic,” nestled in the lush grasslands of the surrounding region.  This attraction is very popular with locals as well as tourists by offering a glimpse into the past of its former kingdom. If ancient history is not on your agenda, the area offers so many other activities including hiking in Asia’s untouched jungles, enjoying a nightlife loaded with excitement and gala, or enjoy bicycling around the countryside. Thailand will draw you back time and time again.

To date, Thailand is one of the most visited countries on the planet. You will enjoy inexpensive travel and accommodations, and tons of activities to get involved in. Be sure to stop by and enjoy their variety of street foods, and indulge in their active nightlife that is a huge attraction among tourists.

Many visitors are under the misconception that visiting the country will only take 4 to 6 days which is totally unrealistic. If you plan to visit Thailand, set your agenda for a minimum of 2 weeks to truly experience this splendid country.

Day 1

Take A Day Trip To Bangkok

Bangkok should be one of your first stops on your 2-week agenda. Bangkok is the number one stop for tourism because there is something for absolutely everyone!

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a noted landmark in Bangkok It served as the home to Thai kings for over 150 years. The palace has been home to the Kings of Siam since 1782. No trip to Bangkok would be complete without visiting this site. Tourists can visit the palace through the Gate of Wonderful Victory from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm with an entrance fee of only $17.

The best time to visit is early morning to avoid the crowds. It’s also highly recommended you dress modestly when visiting as it’s considered sacred. While in the compound, you must visit the Temple of Emerald Buddha which is considered the most prominent temple in all of Thailand.

Taling Chan Floating Market

This is the best floating market in Bangkok and a very trendy spot for tourists. You should charter a boat to visit all the stalls by the river banks. These stalls sell accessories, food items, and clothing so don’t miss out!


The best time to visit Chinatown is at night when everything comes alive. You will find so many street stalls selling so many delicacies as well as a large range of dishes to taste. The problem is, you might not be able to choose one!

Visit The Millennium Hilton

As night approaches, this is the perfect place to watch the city come to life with an array of blinding lights and breathtaking sunsets along the Chao Praya River. If you want a place to unwind from an active day of exploring, this is the place for you.  You couldn’t ask for a better place to end your busy day from sightseeing then at the Millennium Hilton!

Day 2

Plan To Explore History

Take a day or two to explore the rich history of Thai art at the famous cultural heritage center Ayutthaya Historical Park for as little as $39. The grounds of the park are home to many ruins including great empires, museums, and temples.  You will have to take a boat to the island which is surrounded by 3 rivers.

The museum is a great place to view artifacts of the past empire and kingdom and most of the temple ruins have been restored. While there, stop by the Ayutthaya floating market to sample amazing cuisine provided at the riverbank food stalls.

Day 3-4

Visit Klong Thom Hot Springs in Krabi

You should take one day to soak in the hot springs for unbelievable relaxation. The hot tubs are created from the smooth rock with water from the volcanic chamber that offers mineral salts which are believed to offer healing properties.

The springs feed into the water stream for diving and is located near the Emerald pool and Thung Teao Frost Natural Park. If you are visiting over the weekend, stop by the Chao Fah night market to pick up some souvenirs and enjoy Thai beer while listening to live music.

Day 5

Phi Phi Islands

Karabi is on the southwest coast of Thailand. It’s known for its limestone cliffs and thick mangrove forests. Take a boat for a guided tour and discover the Phi Phi islands on the Andaman Sea. This group of islands is located between the island of Phuket and the Straights of Malacca on the coast of Thailand. You might want to relax on its white sandy beaches or snorkel in the crystal waters along the coast.

Day 6

Mud Bath

Thailand is known for its many elephant sanctuaries where you are welcome to take a mud bath and feed the elephants. Your friends will be truly impressed to see images of you taking a mud bath with elephants and then feeding them from your hand! This is an adventure you will remember for years to come!

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Day 7

Chiang Rai

You must visit the beautiful city of Chiang Rai, which sits in northern Thailand in the mountainous region. The city borders Laos and Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.  The royal temple Wat Phra Kaew originally housed the jade Emerald Buddha and now has a replica.  The museum Mae Fah Luang Art and Cultural Park is home to the Lanna artifacts which is something you should definitely check out. While there, stop by the White Temple, the Blue Temple, and the legendary Blackhouse. This gorgeous town offers so many attractions you will enjoy during your stay. You can get there either by train or take a bus.

Day 8

Sunrise at Phu Chi Fa

After your stay is ending in Chiang Rai, go by car 90 km to the Laos-Thailand border. Whatever you do, do not miss the glorious sunrise at Phu Chi Fa. Your breath will be taken away by the blend of clouds, fog, and the magnificent morning glow. Spend the day exploring the towns in the surrounding area and sample their local food.

Day 9-10

Jungle Explorations

Thailand is well-known for its many tropical rain forests and therefore is the ideal place to explore their jungles. The jungles are scattered with tiny villages and several tea plantations. You should hire a tour guide for several reasons – the main reason is to keep from getting lost!

Khao Sok National Park

Reach out and enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand’s jungle regions deep inside the exotic rain forests. You should hire a guide to help you along while experiencing Khao Sok Nation Park and enjoying the largest mammal on the land, the elephant! Khao Sok National Park is also one of the oldest national parks in the world. You will have the opportunity to paddle a canoe through this breathtaking place in nature. 

Its river flows past jungle huts, age-old trees, and other incredible foliage. The trees hold monkeys, some varieties of snakes, and all are a natural part of this glorious jungle.

When your exploration is over, enjoy some tasty Thai food in the wonderful atmosphere of the Rock and Treehouse Resort. You and your friends will enjoy eating as much as you wish while chatting. Let the images of the day float through your mind before it’s time to head back.

Visit the elephant camp to witness these enormous mammals getting ready to feed themselves. You are welcome to feed them, play with them, and even bathe them, just don’t attempt to ride them.

At the end of the day, you will be given a ride back to your accommodations. Your thoughts will recall the day and you will view Khao Sok National Park in a completely different light.

The jungles in Thailand are formed of rugged mountains to pristine waters. The thick wild jungles are waiting for you.  There are so many ways to explore these natural habitats whether you are looking for something to increase your adrenaline rush or just looking for a tranquil experience.

Thailand has well over 25,000 square kilometers of national parks, wildlife reserves, and incredible lakes that are home to an enormous range of wildlife including animals, birds, and marine life.  The northern jungles are home to colorful hill tribes as well.  If you are tired of basking in the sun on a tropical island and want to experience something far more challenging, you’ve come to the right place.

Trekking is a chosen pastime for locals and visitors alike. Whether you want to travel through Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand or the mountains in Chiang Dao to the north, there is something for everyone and all levels of fitness.

Day 11-12


Spend a day rafting through the winding rivers and lakes of Thailand. You have the option to choose a laid-back raft journey meandering through lush tropical plant life or prefer a furious white-water adventure. While rafting, you will have the opportunity to visit rural villages and interact with locals that are off the beaten track.

Discover Caves in Phraya Nakhon

Discover some of the most beautiful caves on earth hidden among Thailand’s luscious jungles.  It’s a completely different world. If you prefer not to squeeze into tight places, there are many caves that you can raft, kayak, or walk into without feeling closed in. You will find caves in  Phraya Nakhon in Khao Sam Roil Yot National Park just south of Hua Hin or Phi Hua in Krabi.

A Different Slant On Adventure!

Shopping In Thailand

Maybe you would prefer to shop in Bangkok strolling through their trendy malls or browsing through the markets in the morning. Shopping is both a day and night adventure in Bangkok that is parallel with the very finest shops in the West while offering a distinct characteristic that is unique to the East. Visit different shops and you will discover why Bangkok has become a retail super hub.

Shopping Malls In Bangkok

There are so many different shopping malls in Bangkok that appeal to all budgets as well as lifestyles.  Most of these malls offer food courts, supermarkets, games arcades, movie theaters, as well as multi-screen movie theaters. You might find yourself spending your entire day exploring just one single mall.

Bangkok’s most popular and best shopping malls offer unbelievable experiences when it comes to the diversity of products, their accessible locations downtown, and a shopper’s total satisfaction. Whether you want something upscale, high-class, trendy, specialized, or a little funky, you will find it in Bangkok! 

Day 13

Thai Massage

It’s time to return to Bangkok to reflect and relax from your adventures. It’s time to experience an authentic Thai massage at one of the popular spots shared by locals and tourists alike. A full-body massage takes approximately 2 hours and will cost around $50 but you will feel incredible all over afterward.

Last Night Visits in Bangkok

Stop by one of their popular restaurants and enjoy an excellent meal prepared by one of their five-star chefs in Bangkok. Enjoy a night on the town. Visit Red Sky Bar for some wonderful drinks and their signature imperial Mojito and cocktails. This is the perfect place if you want to spend the evening sipping your drinks while listening to the crashing waves. If you prefer, stop by Koh Samet Island for an engaging fire dance.

Day 14

It’s time to say goodbye to Thailand and return home. Make sure you have picked up enough souvenirs and taken a ton of photos to share with friends and family back home. The best yet, are the memories you have stored in your memory! These images and adventures will be with you forever!

Sylvia Paige

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